BornHack 2022 Sponsors

This is a list of the BornHack 2022 sponsors. An event like BornHack can not be built on hard work and good intentions alone - it would simply not have been possible without the financial help from these organisations. Thank you, we are immensely grateful!

Speakers tent

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Badge PCBs

PA Speakers

Badge hacking parts

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Note! This Call for Sponsors is not open.

Becoming a BornHack 2022 Sponsor

We are looking for sponsors to help us make this BornHack the biggest and best one yet. If you would like to be a sponsor do not hesitate to contact us at If you know of or work for an organisation or company that might be able and willing to sponsor BornHack 2022 please direct the right people to this page.

The Concept

BornHack is an outdoor conference with a focus on technology and society, and how the two interact. The idea and basic concept of BornHack comes from participation in similar camps in Germany and the Netherlands. These events have huge traction (thousands of participants, sells out fast) and have inspired us to make BornHack annually in Denmark with 2022 being the seventh event.

The Organisers

BornHack is put together by a group of people from Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany employed primarily in the IT industry. The organiser group share a desire to set up a welcoming and inclusive forum where people with different interests in technology can come together to share ideas and socialise.

Location and Format

BornHack 2022 will take place at our large venue Hylkedam on the western side of the island of Funen in central Denmark. We are inviting up to 500 paying guests for a full week, and the ambition is to grow the number of attendees over the coming years.


A sponsorship can be in the range of 10.000 DKK and up. You can get a logo of your choice placed on our website in the sponsors section, and we can also display tasteful signs or banners in our speakers tent. We are open for other initiatives as long as they are in the spirit of the event.

Most sponsor funds go into the general budget but some sponsors prefer to sponsor a certain thing or event at the camp. Suggested sponsorships include:

If you have any other sponsorship ideas, reach out to us on and we can talk about it.

More information can be found in this flyer and our sponsor packages. They come in Danish versions too.