BornHack 2022 Retrospective 2022-09-20

BornHack 2022 happened and it was amazing. A few hundred people coming together to develop, use, explore, criticize, and celebrate technology is quite a thing to be a part of! The talks were fantastic, the workshops were productive, the recreational events were fun. The bar was well-stocked and full of lovely people. The weather was mostly great. The Food Area had constant activity with people cooking, eating, or waiting in line for the food truck. The whole venue was beautifully lit in colourful and creative ways. Powerful lasers and flamethrowers provided impressive and popular evening shows.

There were a lot of villages and camps this year. They were big, and fun, and full of the kind of sights and sounds you only get at a hacker camp. Walking around the venue and taking it all in is incredible. It means so much to the event that camps and villages are so diverse and overflowing with weird and wonderful experiences. Please keep it up!

The best-kept secret about BornHack is that it is actually a two week event. One week is the actual event, the other is buildup and teardown. It is a lot of fun and it can be very rewarding to be a part of. The first buildup crew arrived at the venue almost a week before the opening day. The last teardown crew left the venue 4 days after the closing day. Teardown was delayed about 24 hours due to massive heat making the work slow and difficult. But all things considered buildup and teardown went really well. Thank you to everyone who helped out!

The bar during Bornhack and a few days before teardown ended. What a transformation :-D

We had a brand new video setup this year for streaming and recording talks. The video team did an amazing job of adapting to using the new hardware and software, and it worked really well! Remote viewers could stream talks as well as the very popular ant farm stream live, and of course everything was recorded. After the event we had to do manual post-processing and upload of videos to C3VOC. It took a while to get there (and we will have this automated for 2023) but it is with great pleasure we can finally announce that the BornHack 2022 videos are available kindly hosted by

We love all the positive feedback we've received, but we also want to know how we can improve. Please use the feedback form to provide feedback about the event (positive and negative). Orga has an evaluation meeting about a month from now where we will be going through all the feedback. Remember you can also provide feedback on individual speakers and talks by pressing the Feedback button on the detail page for the event in the program. The Content Team uses this information to help shape the program for the next BornHack event so please make your voice heard if you want to influence who goes on stage next time.

We really want to see all the cool pictures and video you have from the event. We also want an easy way to access, search and archive such content. To that end we are working on a public BornHack media archive where people can upload pictures and video from the events under a CC license. If you want to help build it you can contact the website team.

We will be announcing the dates for BornHack 2023 soon, we expect it will be the 2nd to 9th of August 2023, but it is not quite final yet. We will create the 2023 volunteer teams and add tickets to the webshop and all that within a few months.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of BornHack 2022. It was fantastic!